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Life According to Jake

A Life is Good Genuine Neighborhood Shoppe

Since 2005


Deborah Fleming opened Life is Good – Gatlinburg, Tennessee in 2005. She has always respected the optimistic attitude of Life is Good and when she happened upon the opportunity to run her own Genuine Neighborhood Shoppe, she took it! Since Gatlinburg is a vacation destination, Deborah gets to hear all kinds of stories of why Life is Good.  

About GNS 

Independently owned and socially conscious, Genuine Neighborhood Shoppes (GNS) offer an engaging shopping experience true to the roots of the brand.

At a GNS, all things Life is Good intersect.

Learn about the local art scene, national brand initiatives, and community fundraisers.

Discover your favorite tees from yesteryear or be the first to see our fresh fashion collections.

We want to hear your story. Friendships happen here.

GNS Ownership

GNS ownership is no small task. Dedicating one’s energy to supporting the Life is Good brand at retail takes talent, capital, and a tremendous connection to the brand story. With the right foundation and approach, successful ownership provides a great deal of enjoyment.